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Originally Posted by GewoW View Post
thx. don't know how useful it will be to me however.

also wanted to ask you, what pads are you using on ur PF set? are they PF? what do you think of them?
No prob. I've wired my data logger into the ECU this week for car telemetry, so I actually have a plan in mind so the seminar just came up at the right time for me. Car is in the shop this past week for some repair, and small improvements. May 3rd for first track day cant come soon enough. Counting down the days. I'm using PF01 up front and PF Z rated in the rear. 01s and 08s were too aggressive in the rear. I have 24 track days on 1 set of front pads and have 40% pad left. Hard to believe. Good for another 4 or 5 track days.

Great brakes and pads. A little too much umph in the rear. I pulled them last season and went back to stock callipers with PF-Z in the rear. Perfect. Seb has thrown them back on with new disks and will give them another shot at WG in may, but this time with tamer Z rated pads. I'm looking for a stand alone brake system where I can control the brake bias. Still looking.

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decided that i wont be going.... not serious enough a racer to be analyzing all my actions on the track... need to concentrate on familiarization of the rear engine car this coming season.
I hear you. Not being able to break 2:13 sec at VIR (and doing 2:15 on my third session) was tough to swallow. Harry's Laptimer analytics gave me glimpse of a theoretical 2:11.4 when stringing the best sequences from my best laps. The DL plugged into the ECU (steering angle, individual wheel speed, throttle position, RPM, brake pressure and accelerator sensors) with Race Studio will be able to give me a better idea of what was missing so I can work at correcting the specifics item by item (Braked too early or late, didnt corner at the threshold of lateral grip, didnt get on the accel fast enough, coasted instead of braking later ...). Yup, over the deep end.
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