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Originally Posted by Tom K. View Post
There weren't speed bumps in MD either and a section of Georgia Ave. was still unpaved near the Howard-Carroll line - but times have changed. Now both DC and suburban MD feature varius "traffic calming" measures such as mid block stop signs (Oregon Ave., Nebraska Ave, etc.), mid block traffic lights (Kansas Ave., IIRC), mid block pedestrian crossings (Arcola Ave.), speed bumps (Sligo Creek Parway and many, many others) and curb escursions/choke-outs (Kemp Mill Rd.) etc., etc...

Hey, I remember that gravel section of Georgia Avenue extended on the way to Westminster very well. We used to really think we were out in the boonies back then. Now the whole way is just one giant suburb!

MD law does allow for mid-block crosswalks, by the way, whether a signal is installed or not. Look it up in the State Code. Far as I know, it's been that way near on to forever.