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Electricians chime in.

Short note. Bought a townhouse in October done a complete remodel. New outlets switches and lights. There is six units connected together.

Ok story. Power was out due to car crash Saturday. Electric restored Saturday around 12 pm. Neighbors had flicker lights. Sunday am electrical fire in second unit. Started in a switch on back wall. This morning se time 6 am sixth unit has electrical fire looked like to me outlet on back wall. Today around 11am my unit catches fire in attic. Wire burnt in two in middle of two rafters/ joists no connections, nails or staples within two feet. This is one area I did not touch was copper 14/2 wiring. After talking to everyone today there is 4 complexes of 6 units coming off of same transformer and everyone is having lights dimming clocks acting like electric goes off. One had microwave come on but didn't heat up his coffee. One had his ceiling fan start moving slightly with switch off.

Power company says it can't be them and they checked voltage for a few seconds and claimed their side was fine. Two hours later they had two bucket trucks on transformer for two hours and left without a word.

Yes I have spoke to a lawyer and getting fire Marshalls report. FM said electrical on all three and seemed odd. Not sure what is in report. Please give opinions.
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