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as said earlier in the thread people want cars for nothing these days ,pherhaps I'm not harsh enough but it seems I buy them at top price and sell them at bottom price ,the cars been on ebay now for 9 days at a buy it now price of 8999 or best offers ,quite frankly ive had ridiculas offers like 5k lol or px/swaps for people old sheds ,at this rate I'm gonna keep it ,pherhaps put a leather interior and new alloys on and enjoy it ,the insurance is due march 13 if I get to that date with no sale I'm gona insure it and spend my money on the bmw

btw ;- I phoned bmw in manchester and apparently my car isnt affected by the theft issue its march 2007 onwards and my car build date was feb2007 or was that my car couldnt have the software update unless its post march 2007