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Originally Posted by chrismanchr View Post
as said earlier in the thread people want cars for nothing these days ,pherhaps I'm not harsh enough but it seems I buy them at top price and sell them at bottom price ,the cars been on ebay now for 9 days at a buy it now price of 8999 or best offers ,quite frankly ive had ridiculas offers like 5k lol or px/swaps for people old sheds ,at this rate I'm gonna keep it ,pherhaps put a leather interior and new alloys on and enjoy it ,the insurance is due march 13 if I get to that date with no sale I'm gona insure it and spend my money on the bmw
i too have put my sale on the back burner, id rather keep it.
im happy to accept that selling is a battle of wills,im also happy to accept that the 325 isnt the most desireable version of teh e92, but advertising a car for say 8500 and getting offers of 5k from people who probably dont even know what car it is they are ringing about is ridiculous (webuyanycar offered me a better deal than that!)
one guy offered me 3 cars in part-ex. what on earth would I do with 3 cars??