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I just finished installing a sunglass holder. I have manual, woodgrain, no idrive. Many thanks to jwarcd for the instructions and pictures. If I did it again it would take less than 20 minutes, but these are some of the things I needed to figure out - hopefully this will help others.

1) The shift boot comes up easily by pulling up on the fabric part, and squeezing the frame in slightly towards the gear shift. The four clips that hold it clip towards the sides.

2) The center console cover came up easier than I thought it would, but the easiest way to lift it is to open the center lid, straddle the center, and pull with both hands straight up on the rear part of the opening.

3) The torx screws are T-10, not T-20. (Torx screws have a 6 sided star opening). I found the right one in the multiple bit attachments I have to one of my screwdrivers.

4) I had trouble getting the wood trim off the ashtray cover. I finally had to increase the force with the screwdriver to pry it up, which then broke a couple of the plastic connectors on the ashtray. Fortunately the trim was OK, which was all I cared about.

5) I had trouble getting the center console cover to "just snap back in place" It is a very tight fit, and it took a few tries to get it positioned properly at the front so that the trim would fit against the center storage compartment.

In the end I am glad I did it myself, because I don't trust the dealer to do it without scratching or marking the trim. I asked them what they would charge, and they said 1 to 1.5 hours labor because they haven't done it before. Cost for the part in Canada was $45 Canadian.