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Even with extended warranty there is no issue with replacing things like microfilter and air filter yourself, guess you need to use the genuine parts to keep the warranty sweet.

In terms of costs, I guess if you look at my oil service at 139, you are buying oil and filter for nearly 80 so its 60 labour with my dealer. Guess the indi may be a bit cheaper but not loads. Again fuel filter, I paid 78, your part cost is 39 so my dealer charged 39 fitting. Don't see an Indi charging a load less for this item.

Given you have full BMW S'H to date if it was me I would keep it that way. Also BMW goodwill payments are much easier to achieve if you have a full s/h with BMW as that shows your loyalty and you have lined their pockets along the way. Recently I had a part replaced on my X5, cost 200, without even me asking my dealer approached BMW who agreed to pay 50% of the costs. Car is outside of warranty and I chose not to extend warranty on it therefore they could have told me where to go.