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FS: Several ultra rare Phoenix Gold TITANIUM amplifiers

Hi All,

I am posting this on several forums for a number of days before resorting to ebay as there is usually a high demand for these amps.

I have for sale 4 Phoenix Gold TITANIUM amps in varying conditions.

3x Phoenix Gold Ti 500.4 (TITANIUM) amplifiers
SPEC OF THE 500.4 can be found here:

1x Phoenix Gold Ti 1200.1 (TITANIUM) amplifier
SPEC OF THE 1200.1 can be found here:

I will also soon have for sale an 800.1 Ti amplifier: Just need to find the damned thing from storage first!

Before continuing can I please note that I'd only want to sell these amps to people who know what they are. You can get an equivalent digital amp by hertz or similar with good sound and a similar warmth of performance, but importantly without the headaches that come with a very large analogue amplifier from the late 90s with no warranty! Unless noted otherwise all these amps run perfectly well, and I had them installed in my last 2 or 3 cars ( a few pics at the end of the post/ad ): I am only selling them as I've decided to go OEM+ rather than have a boot install, and thus there's nowhere to house them.

So. the amps.

1. First up is a 500.4 Ti in VERY GOOD (almost perfect) condition.
This is sold in box including the power test sheet which is stuck to the back of the box. Seeing a box for one of these amps is even rarer than the amp itself these days. All ports are original, RCAs and terminals have never been replaced.


There is one scratch which is clearly visible and a tiny spot of rust on the left hand side near the exhaust. The scratch was caused by my installer when removing from my last car which was very unfortunate.

The amp is overall still in much better condition than almost any I've seen in person however.

Price: Given condition of the amp I would like 220 for this one.

2. Second up is a 500.4 Ti in VERY GOOD condition. .jpg[/img]
Yep, another one.
I ran two of these amps in my install and this is the other. Also working perfectly well, no rust at all this time - but a few more scratches. Once again all of the RCAs and ports are present and original. This time I don't have a box to give you, but the condition of the amp is good enough to be displayed with the first one I have for sale and ideally I'd see them both go together.

Price: Given condition of the amp I would like 200 for this one.

3. Third up is the best of them all, an ultra rare (I've seen 2 in the flesh in the UK full stop, I bought this - the second of them. )1200.1 monoblock in EXTREMELY GOOD condition.

I am both happy and extremely sad to offer up for sale my PG 1200.1 amplifier.

This one is more or less AS NEW. There are a few very minor microscratches which under normal daylight you can't even see. I couldn't get good pics of them in any case. The only negative is I don't have the box once again (damn the other half !! )

Price: 350 ovno for this one (understandably).

4. Lastly, yes - ANOTHER 500.4

This one is sold as spares and repair.

It has the worst cover of them all, and this one does not power up fully. The warning LED (the second red LED) comes on, so it's taking current. I imagine a transistor has gone.

Price: Just 80 for this.

As promised, a couple images of the setup in my last 2 cars:

In a Peugeot 206 boot install:

In an E90 BMW boot install:

One last note. I will NOT arrange delivery of these amps. How can I prove they were or were not damaged in transit? I have been completely honest about the condition, the 3 amps that I've said work do: But if you want them delivered, and want to book this yourself: I will allow the collection of course. Please understand though that if they don't work when they get to you: I can't be held responsible.
I'd also want 10 to cover packaging costs in the case of the unboxed amps in that case (on top of what the delivery costs).

As you can tell I'd much much rather they were collected.

In that case collection can be arranged from Heathrow, Harrow, or South Harrow.

I would accept a deal on all 4 amps at 700 on the dot collected and would offer this massive discount due to the hassle you'd save me by taking them all

Cheers chaps
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