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Originally Posted by antzcrashing View Post
When I cleared the code I also got the airbag/seatbelt light to go out and this lasted for a 5 minute drive that night. the next morning, the lights reappeared. It was the only thing I cleared was the error in INPA. I believe I need to resolve the issue so it doesnt come back. I got the same error as:

ZK10 / Security battery clamp
Error will cause a warning light
Error is not currently present
Test conditions have been completed

I looked at the battery, which was recently replaced (2 mos again) and noticed that a cable is not connected on one end - the one which is electrically taped and zipped tied to the top of the battery, so I am assuming this is the airbag/seatbelt sensor and all I need to do it plug it in and then clear the code with INPA. If so I just need to find out where it plugs in. I will post a picture of the loose cable shortly.
The loose cable is probably normal. There is a trickle-charge adapter that they use while shipping the vehicles from the factory. It's probably that.

If you had the battery clamp activation wire completely disconnected, you'd not have had a 5 minute delay as this gets tested immediately upon ignition.