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BMW said it is a Timing Issue?

Hello All,

I have a 335xi N54. It was in for service 2 weeks ago for misfiring. They determined it was caused by fouled out spark plugs and fuel injectors along with a sensor here and there. All was covered by warranty thank the good Lord. Previously I had a Cobb stage 1 installed which I believe to accelerate the wear and tear on the select parts, so before i serviced the car I uninstalled. The car was serviced with no questions asked.

I had the car back for a week and notice a slight hick-up at a stand still and was concerned that the issues were not completely solved. I again did the uninstall of the Cobb 20 mins before bringing it in for service and now I am waiting the results. I called my SA and he said that they see its a timing issue but need to get BMW to test the computer for further diagnostics.

I have hear that Cobb may leave an image behind even after uninstalling the tune. Does anyone believe there is anything to worry about regarding my warranty at this point? If so any questions I should be prepared to answer? Lastly, would it be an option to try a different tune at this point? Thank you all in advance for you input.