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5-10 minutes to sit and warm up is terribly wasteful. Car warms up slower which means more pollution and engine wear due to rich mixture and slower catalyst warm-up. Getting zero mpg BTW during that time. Even on brutally cold (not Canada cold though) days my heater is cranking out heat after less than 2 miles. I wouldn't do any spirited driving until the car is warmed up but normal driving is fine, even advantageous.

By the way, in Germany where our cars are engineered, it is illegal to idle longer than 20 seconds. I found this out when an angry German educated me by knocking on my window while I was waiting to pick up an army buddy at an airfield. No ticket but most Germans take their laws pretty seriously.

The fact that we can't get a "remote start" option and the F30 has the auto shutoff engine supports this as well.