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Originally Posted by BennyJones
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He is fine for points. Just pay the fine, he won't loose points regardless.
+1 and a side note, if he does not pay the fine, when he goes back to Cali and he gets pulled over for what ever reason, they will see the unpaid fine and arrest him on the spot and be jailed until he settles up.
+1... This happened to my sister, tell him to pay the fine and avoid the headaches and embarrassment later...
I used to live in Cali for a bit.

Won't get points because no reciprocity between Cali and Ontario. This no info share means no insurance hikes.

You have 3 options:
1. Pay
2. Trial by Declaration - meaning you submit a statement (mini essay) explaining the facts and why you are unable to show to court ie you live in Ontario. This shall serve as your appearance in court. Then wait for verdict. Might pay a reduced fine, full fine, or none at all.
3. Not pay - and if you get pulled over again in California you can get arrested on the spot. Keep in mind if you don't intend to return to Cali in like 3-4 years.. Then this Will clear. Check/google the statute of limitations for speeding tickets in California to see how many years until they expire.
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