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Originally Posted by keraxis View Post
I liked the 335i until I Google it seems problems. Fuel pump failures, cannot expand fuel system, I drive failures and the fact that you have to have runflats....... all that should make bmw ashamed of itself. The fuel pump and tires made it a no go since I would have got a manual the rest didnt matter. I ended up getting a 2011 g37s sedan 6mt. Stock for stock bimmer is faster but bmw underates it big time (whp is normally whats listed as crank). The bimmer inline 6 is amazing but so is the vq37. Upgrade clutch and spend the diffrence in price between my g37 and your 335i and iam laying down over 450hp to the wheels without bolt ons. So lets not pretend the 335 is overly superior. Its just easier out of the box to play with. Also I can change my fuel system so 800whp is only a engine build away. As for the racing I have a problem with every kid with a 335 trying to race me even with my daughter looking at them from her car seat. I honestly hope they fixed the 2012 model so I have more options in a few years. Oh yea the next ipl is getting a twin turbo motor hand built in the gtr factory making 580 hp so m3 beware. Competition means better products for all.
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