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Espn showed Melo waiting by the Celtics bus. There were about 10 people between him, and the bus. I just don't want to see Melo sucker punch KG, like he did to Jeffrey when he was with Denver. After he sucker punched Jeffrey, he started running back with his teammates between him. To me that's a punk. I don't like any teams from Boston, However, don't instigate something after it's over. Melo knows that there is no way to get close to KG, because of the number of people that were there. So to me it's just another punk move. So Melo, please just continue playing MVP style basketball. If you really want a piece of KG, do it on the hardwood where it's just you and him nose to nose. Again, I don't like any Boston team's, nor do I like punks. LET'S GO KNICKS!