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Originally Posted by stevie996 View Post
I've got 4k of the shortfall taken care of with a 4k support payment on a C180 AMG sport coupe but f******g h**l another 2 k on top, together with 1k deposit on the c class is just too much. I mat revisit the position in the spring when a vert may be more inviting and I have paid a few more instalments but I fear it won't improve by much.

The question is, should I take the pill now?

What do you think.

Surely if you went for the C180 Coupe you would be straight back in the same situation, if not worse, with another car. If you only put a 1K deposit into a C180 at full list price (if the contributions go towards paying off the negative equity in the Mini) my bet is that you will be nearer 10K in negative equity on the Merc. Dont do it!

How long before you can VT the Mini 'vert?