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Originally Posted by SassyMcSass View Post
So, the essence of your complaint with my posts is that I am wasting valuable Internet space by stating the obvious. Things like this is clearly a biased marketing thread and that no real data has been presented. Guilty as charged I suppose.

I'm on the fence about the fuel upgrade as well so it seems we are in the same boat. Did you know that the only other fuel upgrades out are inherently flawed, won't work, and that this solution flows 25% more than they do anyway?
Nope. That's not the essence. If you had a purpose for being here, and if you were interested in the product at hand (or, if you were certain that another product is superior), you would be precise in what it is you want to know. Stating that a salesman is biased is unproductive and brings no new information to the table. What do you ask of a salesman if you are interested in their data? You make your posts concise and ask specifically what you want. You wouldn't be siphoning intent from the sales pitch. What standard are you holding people to? Make yourself clear.

As I've asked in this thread already and that no one has directly answered: What data is specifically desired that would satisfy your need for information (which is a perfectly valid need to have.) What quality of data would be satisfactory to you (you're asking for "real" data)? Do you want screenshots of data logs? I get the impression that you are not, at all, interested in the product, and merely want to bash the maker of the product for marketing the product.

Your last sentence is trolling and is simply unnecessary, and you know it. I do know that my standard LPFP cannot keep up with the flow of 100% E85, and, even if I could get it to, it would wear out the component much faster. I have seen this first hand with my car. Running a secondary pump in series would reduce the load that the LPFP has to endure, and would reduce the likelihood of cavitation in the fuel lines, as well as make the LPFP last longer. As I've requested in my first post: what is it I am missing? How am I being scammed or misled? Moreover, what data do you bring to the table that directly counters this product? If you had come on and said "While I understand that this solution works, I feel it is unnecessary/expensive because (alternate method/alternate data)" then that's fine! I'm sure he'll address your concerns, much like he has done already. If you want some real data on top of that, then I'm sure being specific about what you want will go leaps and bounds further than tautologies (a salesman is being a salesman?)