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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
You won't get flamed Nick

I'll only make a comment on something I've tried or experienced.

I tried 15mm spacers on my 225's fitted with 255/30/19 tyres on stock suspension,the tyres rubbed.
I did the same with 12mm spacers,and whilst the tyres didn't rub initially,with rear seat passenger/s,or undulating road surfaces they also rubbed.

Just because 18" wheels with 15mm spacers work on an E92,it doesn't always follow that a 19" wheel with the same spacers will also work.

Yes,I do know that the profile of the tyre on an 18" wheel is normally 40, and the profile on the tyre of a 19" wheel is 35

I won't bore you with the maths
I was meaning would you not save 5mm for the wheel not being as wide. Any how like you said you tried this setup so thats good enough for me
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