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Originally Posted by Ferruccio View Post
As I've requested in my first post: what is it I am missing? How am I being scammed or misled? Moreover, what data do you bring to the table that directly counters this product? If you had come on and said "While I understand that this solution works, I feel it is unnecessary/expensive because (alternate method/alternate data)" then that's fine! I'm sure he'll address your concerns, much like he has done already. If you want some real data on top of that, then I'm sure being specific about what you want will go leaps and bounds further than tautologies (a salesman is being a salesman?)
Please don't take this the wrong way but I couldn't care less whether or not you are being scammed or mislead. You can and should come to your own conclusions on what you want to purchase for your vehicle independent of my opinion of your choices and independent of what I want to purchase for my vehicle.

What I clicked here to find was the data that has been requested multiple times by multiple forum members that would substantiate the fuel system claims. The first post in this thread listed a series of numbers. Then a few days later all those numbers changed, did you catch that? I noticed. Now a couple weeks later still nothing to support the revised numbers posted. One forum member requested a log of the low and high fuel pressures using this solution and that seemed a reasonable piece of data to request. In my opinion if you are going to say something flows X% better than something else then a MINIMUM amount of data to support that would be in house (e.g. biased) bench test results.