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Originally Posted by Sered View Post
Sorry dude, but none of that makes sense, for many reasons. There's no reason a single should flow more air than equivalent twins and there's no reason that a single 'can make it to redline' while twins magically can't.
Well if you actually read my post, you would realize I never stated a single should flow more air than equivalent twins. The natural of twins though is they are generally smaller, but obviously there are 2 of them. They will still run out of air in high RPMs but will spool quicker. A large single will spool slower, but will continue to push more air in higher RPMs due to its larger size. I don't see what is difficult to understand about that. Of course you could put large enough twins and match the potential of a single, by that point the single will cost half as much and perform similarly. This is also assuming you had the extra RPMs to take advantage of. This platform is not revving high enough for it to matter right now.