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Originally Posted by SassyMcSass View Post
Please don't take this the wrong way but I couldn't care less whether or not you are being scammed or mislead. You can and should come to your own conclusions on what you want to purchase for your vehicle independent of my opinion of your choices and independent of what I want to purchase for my vehicle.

What I clicked here to find was the data that has been requested multiple times by multiple forum members that would substantiate the fuel system claims. The first post in this thread listed a series of numbers. Then a few days later all those numbers changed, did you catch that? I noticed. Now a couple weeks later still nothing to support the revised numbers posted. One forum member requested a log of the low and high fuel pressures using this solution and that seemed a reasonable piece of data to request. In my opinion if you are going to say something flows X% better than something else then a MINIMUM amount of data to support that would be in house (e.g. biased) bench test results.
None taken about scammed/not scammed. Indeed that is up to me, and indeed you should not care. However, this is in contrast to the efforts you're making to publicize your discontent, which is a lot more than simply asking for data.

You're not being concise. Let me help you. Is this what you want?

1: Volume flow rate of the upgraded system
2: Precisely what pressures the different fuel pumps run at

Shiv has a history of not being super fast with data coming out, and, much like the single turbo kit, data tends to trickle out. It is rash to attribute this to malice or shady salesmanship. The proper way to handle this is to be patient and occasionally ask for updates. I never understand why a perceived lack of data always has to be a conspiracy. He'll probably get around to it, as every sponsor on this forum has done, eventually. Until then, you're filibustering. :P