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Originally Posted by rich123321 View Post
Definitely no legal issues. LCI cars dont have reflectors right And don't quote me on this but you might need angel eye headlights for the custom LED ones like OSS 180 etc.
I looked into more and it seems that it is no state regulated law on amber reflectors, and that NY inspection will not fail you for no amber... BUT it does seem to be a DOT rule that you must have an amber reflector on the front sides of your car. LCI cars have the reflector on the fender instead of the headlight.

Since it wont effect inspection I'm not that worried bout it and apparently many cops don't give tickets (or even know about it) for it.

But now I notice that attached to the amber piece is a clear reflector/diffuser for my turn signal, and removing that might make the light look funny since it won't be hitting any glass that will diffuse the light.