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Originally Posted by imygaf View Post
The birds kit is fixed height and damping but reviews are very good from what ive seen so far. With the bc setup is it best to have a certain amount of damping for a given height or is it just down to preference on both adjustments?

I had a quick look at coilovers before but didnt realise i could get them for that price. Was looking at closer to or over a grand which was over my budget. But for around 600 i will look into it again. I would have paid about that for the used birds anyway.

E92Dan how do u find the ride with the B12 kit? I wouldnt mind a little bit firmer ride myself but its my daily driver and sometimes have wife and 2 young boys with me so dont want it too harsh for them. I take it from ur post that u have SE model. How much was the drop? Any photos?
I have a thread on here with pictures, "fitted today", sorry not sure how to add a link to it!
The ride is firmer than M Sport, but it doesn't crash into bumps like an M sport would do.
I do 18,000 miles a year and I am very happy with the ride. Never get out the car tired, I love it.