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iPhone 5 2009 I-drive compatibility

So after searching few threads I'm still confused.

Previously i've been using the bmw ycable with my ipod dock connector(usb+aux) no snap case along with my iphone 4 and it worked fine, controlled everything i drive, it charged, etc..

Fast forward i updated to iphone 5, and waited for the 30 pin adapter and I get the unauthorized charging error. I tried just a generic lighting cable plugged into the usb to iphone and it charges fine, but still gives the error. However with the adapter i can not see my music on idrive.

So I search and searched and could not find a iphone 5 bmw y cable, is there one out yet?

Otherwise how can I control music via idrive and get all the functionality back.

I was thinking for now I could juse use an aux + lighting to charge but its annoying to use the iphone to control the songs....

Any help is appreciated.