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Originally Posted by 07lilredwagon View Post
thanks for the feedback, guys....

I just happened to look at my manual for weight distribution and weight loads, ect.....your spot on!

approved gross weight: 4,916
load: 1,102
Rear axle load is 2,646

I will definitely look into the tow capacity vs trailer and tongue weight before I get too crazy with this....of course I will not be towing with the trailer often...just a handful of times per year, and maybe a local car show here and there....

I did look into weight distribution of the trailer itself so that there is not too much tongue weight when the trailer is loaded. If I figure the tongue length/axle placement/load area correctly, there should be little direct load on the suspension...however, this does not rule out the actual towing/pulling capacity...that is a separate issue...

This trailer will be stripped of all mechanicals and rear diff...I just need the suspension arms and bearings/hubs/rotors....though now, I will be sure to have the trailer's suspension up to par.....

I will probably begin thinking about lightweight interior materials instead of steel...which I was originally thinking of...maybe light plywood covered in carpeting...if done right, it would look very presentable.

The way I am designing the trailer, most of the weight will be over the trailers axle...I dont think I would be putting more than 300lbs fully loaded in it...that leaves 400 pounds or kids dont weigh that much!...but fully loaded with luggage, a roof rack , ect...I could be approaching maximum density fairly quickly.

This gives me pause...not on building it, but on HOW to build it. Thanks for the heads up.

This really isn't a major issue - the max tongue weight is something like 300lbs. Tongue weight counts into the car's gross weight, but the actual weight of the trailer does not. While in the US these cars are "towing not recommended" due to legal and marketing reasons, in the rest of the civilized world they have something like a 1500-1800Kg tow rating. Though that is for a braked trailer, of course. I think unbraked is a bit less than 1/2 that. Were you planning on brakes?
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