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Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
I think it's funny how people in this forum hate such that regardless of the data provided would contradict the facts even though they have no real world knowledge regarding pumps. They read the manufacturers spec sheet and think that provides enough information to draw conclusion. I agree the last thing people want to do is to buy into a solution without knowing if it will actually work. But, it's also unfortunate the haters will tell you not to believe in a product that does work and direct you to a diy which works as a stock replacement, but still cannot sustain the volume required due to fitting requirements that reduces the pumps efficiency. So you're left pulling your hair out and all you want at the end of the day is a solution that works .
To get to the heart of your argument I don't think anyone has said this inline pump solution doesn't or can't work. Your experience shows it can work. Then again maybe boosting the voltage of your OEM pump by 1 volt when at full throttle would have also worked for you.

The question with this thread would be how well does it work compared to other options. Does it live up to the promised 570lb/hr fuel flow and so forth.