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Originally Posted by Laguna Seca Blue View Post
Interesting Ryan. Thanks for teaching me something new

One major issue is that the highway's department subcontracts much of it's work to the private sector. It's no secret that due to a lack of space, our roads are constantly being dug up to repair electric/gas/water lines. These private companies do an extremely shoddy job of repairing the roads once they're done. There are inconsistencies in gradient, road surface and general evenness, that are sometimes serious enough to be a safely hazard.

In order to ensure consistently, I believe the highways department should be responsible for resurfacing roads themselves. If that's not feasible, they should issue very strict guidelines to ensure that certain standards are met, and enforce regulations with fines for private companies that do not comply.
Good suggestion, there needs to be better enforcement of road standards. Who is in charge of HK's road quality? Highway Department or the Civil Engineering and Development department?