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Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
I just love how you and others make assumptions as if they are fact, but with no supporting evidence. We all agree the pump alone is cheaper, but how does it perform better than the same pump used by FFTEC in series with the stock pump. Your conclusion is not logical and just goes to show you have no clue as to what you're talking about with regards to this topic. So because you have clearly missed the point and have done nothing but hate on this thread because no one has really stepped up to challenge your flawed logic, please let me bring some valuable information to light because I also wanted to understand this so I did what you and every one else who questioned this solution should have done but apparently are just too lazy to do.

So with our given piping system to the HPFP on the N54, the last thing we want to increase is the restriction as this can quickly cause an increased reduction of flow. So for those who opt to just do the Walbro e85 pump upgrade, please take every step to ensure you do not increase the system restriction by using incorrect fittings and or hoses.

We know the N54 fueling system is restrictive, but without making major modifications to the fueling system, we cannot overcome the restrictions. With that said, lab testing will show that on a restricted system, pumps in series out perform a single pump by +48%. Granted, the numbers shown in the graph below are not the numbers from the fueling system on the N54, but because we don't have a lab to test that specific system, we will use this information as a guideline to show the viability of this solution over a single pump upgrade.

So even on a low restriction system, pumps in series will out perform a single pump by +17%. I think the data speaks for itself and you can find page after page of technical findings that support this solution, so I have to ask, why is everyone so bent on having FFTEC or Shiv provide R&D results that cost money and time when they can be doing something much more productive like finding a solution for the AT issues for upgraded turbo cars. So please take this with a grain of salt as I know you and the other are very knowledgeable, I just don't understand why you keep pressing the issue even though their is supporting data available everywhere you look.
Thanks for posting that data. It pretty much shows that this solution is inferior to a two pump parallel configuration and most likely a single E85 pump. Two questions:

1. Does the modified N54 engine need more fuel pressure or flow?

2.a. Assuming it needs more pressure, is the stock 72psi pressure limit exceeded with this setup?
2.b. Assuming it needs more flow, using your chart above, if the motor required a hypothetical 3GPM stock and now 6.0 GPM modified, what pressure can the series setup provide?

I am genuinely interested here. We talked about this before and its starting to become comical.