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Originally Posted by Julesandtrish View Post
Anybody know if there are aftermarket injectors that are better available for our cars?
I would be surpirsed if so.
Car manufacturers design the application and require specific injector performance as it is vital for emissions. Number of holes, fuel spray angle and fuel delivery rate are platform/engine specific.

The M57 utilizes Bosch piezo injectors which are among the fastest available. This enables multiple open/closure fuel injection cycles during each compression/ignition event. On the weak side they are not as durable as the magnetic driven ones.

There are other piezo injectors available but all are application specific. You may buy service parts from other brands but none will fit the M57. Even if any is 'mountable', the sofware will either not recognize them or will require adpatations that would impact emissions/performance.
That means you will get into bigger problem than the one you are trying to address.
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