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I've never had a problem with canbec when I brought my 328 for service but i had trouble the last time I brought my M3 for an oil change and an exhaust leak (had an increased emission warning on iDrive). First, they didn't give me a loaner cuz I'm not 25, then after an 1hour in the garage, the mechanic comes and tried to blame my aftermarket exhaust for the warning, lol? I tried to explain to him that I have a leak, you can HEAR IT and that my exhaust I only the mufflers and it's not where the cats and o2 sensor....I had to go in the garage and SHOW him where the exhaust leak was
When my car was finally done, I drove literally 2mins, got to the light where the car wash and java u is, a passenger airbag restraint warning light came on wtf?!?! It can't be a coicendence, I went back right away and they told me to take an appointment. Ciprian is a great guy and of course its not his fault that the mechanics (not all of them) are shit, so I have nothing against ciprian.

Brought my M3 to BMW west island, all I can say is WOW!! Their service made canbecs' service look like SHIT even when I thought It was good. First, a guy went around the car and checked for any scratches on the car and if there was any curb rash on the wheels then the service advisor ASKED ME if I need a loaner or drop off somewhere, and if I get drop off, they would come pick me up when my car is done!

The funniest part is that I live in the west island and I can't believe I went to canbec loll
i had sensor problems. so they fixed it and it came back a few weeks later. my brake sensor was permanently on and i had every thing checked and changed. i give up on canbec. im taking a break from bmw, time to move onto audi!