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Originally Posted by SassyMcSass View Post
To get to the heart of your argument I don't think anyone has said this inline pump solution doesn't or can't work. Your experience shows it can work. Then again maybe boosting the voltage of your OEM pump by 1 volt when at full throttle would have also worked for you.

The question with this thread would be how well does it work compared to other options. Does it live up to the promised 570lb/hr fuel flow and so forth.
It's highly possible that table changes could increase the voltage to the pump to achieve an acceptable flow rate. But even Terry recently said he hasn't done anything with regard to testing that theory. He's currently using stock table settings. So if you have a COBB AP it would be worth trying. Really depends on your setup also. Stock turbos and e85 it might do the trick. Not sure what will happen with e85 and RB turbos. FFTEC could be the only option unless someone comes up with another inline booster that is e85 compatible. Let us know if you try this. Would be interesting to see what you come up with.