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335d Build - LTMW/EAS - M3 Rep Front - KW V2

Updated 2/16/13 with Lux, M Sport Rear, Cyba Black Chrome tips and BMW Performance Diffuser! Look below for pics!

Hey Guys,

So here we go…

Exterior Mods:
M3 Front Bumper Rep
OEM M3 Air Ducts
OEM M Sport Rear Bumper
OEM BMW Performance Diffuser
4” Cyba Black Chrome Exhaust Tips
LUX H8 V3 Angel Eyes
M3 Spoiler Lip
Gloss Performance Grills
15% Tint All Around – 50% Windshield (Formula One)
Gloss Black Vinyl Wrapped Trim
EAS Tinted LED Marker
Lamin-X Headlight Wrap
Slight Rear Fender Roll

KW V2 Coilovers

Miro 111 (Matte Black)
18 x 9.5 ET 25

Hankook Ventus V12 Evo

Future Mods/WTB:
JBD Tune
BMW Performance Alcantara Steering Wheel
BMW Performance Selector Lever & Shift Boot
BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Rear Deck Spoiler

Huge thanks to Long, Ivan, Rene and Phillip at LTMW. Thanks to Robert, Steve and Sam at EAS. Thanks to PJ, Scott and the Berto Bros, Rob and Big Albert.

Let me just say that I’m not trying to pose as an M3, I just wanted more aggressive lines than a stock/M Sport bumper.

The M3 front bumper install, including paint, headlight washer shave and fog light delete/M3 air duct install was done by LTMW. The fitment is pretty much perfect.

LTMW also installed the KW V2’s, which ride like a dream and pretty much slammed my car before they were adjusted for the Miros…basically an iPhone 5 length from the ground, haha.

Let me apologize for my pics, I'm not a photographer, but I tried, haha.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Pics in order:
-Bone Stock
-50% Windshield Tint
-KW V2 On Stock Rims With M3 Rep Bumper
-M3 Rep Bumper
-iPhone 5 Length From The Ground (It Actually Settled Lower)
-Wheels Installed (Brother Scott's MazdaSpeed 3 In Background In Winter Mode)
-View From Rear
-Bumper Plugs Installed On Original Bumper (Before Grill Install)
-Mid-Grill Install
-Gloss Black Grills
-Finished Grill Install
-Pre Spoiler Install (Fresh Detail )
-Spoiler Installed (Also, White Plastidip On Emblems, Just for Test-Didn't Like It)
-Chrome and Plastic Trim Before
-Gloss Black Vinyl Trim After
-Post Vinyl Install
-My Favorite Pic Right Now
-Side View After Quick Wash
-Close Side Front View
-Front With Rob's GTI
-Base To M Sport Progression
-Stock To Lux Progression
-Cyba Tips
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2011 E90 335d | Jet Black/Black Dakota | Premium | Navigation
Mods: M3 Rep Front Bumper | OEM M3 Air Ducts | OEM M Sport Rear Bumper | OEM BMW Performance Diffuser | KW V2 | MiRo 111 | Lux H8 V3 Angels Eyes | OEM BMW Performance Black Grills | M3 Spoiler Lip | EAS Smoked LED Side Markers | 15% Tint/50% Windshield | Vinyl Wrapped Window Trim | Lamin-X Headlight Wrap

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