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Chiptuning is not exactly legal in US either.

Originally Posted by meyergru View Post
So it's a special thing, just like Bundeswehr and such. Maybe they have only done that to get rid of the american plates that once were in use. I know that they had also american insurance back then.

I know why you pay less. It's just taxes, basically. I could have done ED myself via an american friend. But if you are not in the armed forces, you have to pay tax if you don't export the car. So, they prices quoted in the USA normally are without sales tax, which in some states is much as high as it is here (19%). After all, I don't pay that, as the car is used for my business.

I could give you plenty of examples of stupid laws in both countries

Whatever, beside the question of your special case being located here in Germany, what I don't understand is: If US emission laws are so strict as ever quoted, why can everybody tune their cars and thus render those laws useless in the USA? I heard that for a few years, american makers could not even produce any big block V8s for emission reasons.
OK incase you have never heard of "rolling smog stations" they are real. Yes in California. Ask guys with Evos how many times a suspicious cop stops them and sends them to a "ref" station. You better not get caught. I also used to live in NJ. they'd set up traps in cities known to have a habit of modding the cars and flouting rules, the penalties are severe. If they suspected your car was modded, they'd inspect it. If you have no catalytic converters for example, car impounded on the spot! If your car is polluting over the limit for other reasons not intentional, you get a ticket and are fined. If your car is heavily modded, my friend you are in deep sh1t. But the US is a big place with lots of cars, too many roads and too many ways to get from A to B. If you notice a police road inspection station ahead, you can usually avoid it. If you actually get caught (unless you are in California where its more easier to get nailed.), then you are just unlucky.
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