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Just bought a 335i for my winter car and excited!

Hey guys, I just joined the forums recently after buying a 335i as my new winter car. I thought I'd share my love story

My car's were either parked for winter or too low to drive in the winter so I was looking for a new car that I could put mileage on worry free and drive through the winter worry free. I never gave the 335i much considersation and didn't know much about it because I closed mindedly assumed it was "just a 3-series". Then things changed:

About a week ago I ran into an old friend who has a 335i and when I first saw it I recall thinking "wowww! that car looks damn sweet". My first assumption was M3, but as he pulled closer I noticed it wasn't an m3; he had debadged it and had quite a few cosmetic changes which appeared to be M3 parts fitted. I was pretty shocked to be so thoroughly impressed by what looked like a 3-series.

So we chatted for a bit and the whole time I couldn't stop staring at the car, it just looked soo visually appealing. At this point I was like oh well, he modded it nicely, washed up it so it looks cool, it probably has crap performance. So as curiosity got the best of me I cut him off and said "sorry for cutting you off, but I really need to know does that car drive as good as it looks", suddenly a big smirk came across his face and all he had to say was "hop in".

As we slowly pulled out and I was thinking hmm, this car's very very low, visibility to the sides isn't the greatest and the ride is kinda rough. I guess I was trying to hold my back from purchasing the car, but then the lights turned green and all hell broke loose. I wanted to pull out my phone to google up the specs on a 335i, but I was too pre-occupied by having my neck snapped back and forth by the relentless torque this thing was producing.

This car is a daily driver's dream in a sense, the torque down low is perfect and in stop and go commuting it must be a joy to drive, no need to rev the puppy up. He hit some back roads which were very short and not high speed and the constant feeling of that low end torque kicking in was UNREAL! Pair that with cold roads and winter tires and it was actually a bit scary being the passenger (isn't it always?) It only took me about 72 hours from my first ride in a 335i to have one sitting in my driveway . I just couldn't help myself.

His did have all the bell's and whistles since it seemed like nothing was stock on that car, but I don't think it will be long before I head down that same route. Luckily it hasn't snowed much in my area yet, but once it does the 335i will be coming out and I'm actually DAMN EXCITED to be driving this years winter car! Looking forward to learning a bit more about this platform and upping the performance of this unexpected shocker.

Let it snoww let it snoww let it snoww