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Originally Posted by N111CUK View Post
On the fence about BC. Why are They so cheap ?
It depends on your budget. Cheap to you perhaps but not cheap to others lol. If youíre willing to spend more then by all means, do so, but BCís arenít all that cheap at just shy of £700, are they? Youíre comparing to KWs and Bilsteins presumably in which case yes they are cheaper - why? Probably because KWs have been around much longer and greater research / testing and development has probably gone into KWs reflecting a greater price tagÖ itís like comparing an FI SSD / Orion sub to the JLW7Ö all are very good in their own league and comparable to an extentÖ but most people praise the JLw7 because JL have spent years and far greater resources in marketing / advertisingÖ that plus they are an excellent line of Subwoofers.

BCsí are excellent quality, mid-level coilovers which boasts a great deal of adjustability, usable for DD or a moderately aggressive set up. Again, NJ116 on here would not have put them on his E92 M3 if he didnít think they were worthy enough and his car is one of the few on this forum which has undergone and continue to undergo heavy mods (including BBK, full vinyl wrap, BMW perf alcantara seats etc etc).

Hope that helps Ė I also asked why these were cheap compared to the others on the market but I am so glad I went for them as Iíve not looked back one bit! Iím sure KWs and Bilstein would also be excellent however I cannot comment on them since I have no experience Ė speak to HotCoupe as he has Bilsteins for sale..

Originally Posted by imygaf View Post
Re the bc coilovers, any idea what the min and max drop is? None of the sellers seem to state this.
When adjusting he damper settings is the softest setting actually noticably softer? I ask because i had koni suspension fitted to a car about 10 years ago and couldnt really feel much difference between hard and soft settings
See my Build Thread 3rd or 4th page in and youíll see how low they go lol. Most people on here said its ďdumpedĒ and Iím entering the dub scene haha, made me chuckle but Iíve now realised itís an art to get the stance just right.. itís what I love about coilovers! Time after time afet time, you can readjust, shuffle about and adjust for the perfect height! Iím not too sure on the numbers but I believe their starting point is about the M Sport ride height down to pretty pretty low.

Softer setting compared to hardest setting is NIGHT and DAY IMO. You try driving around on the hardest setting for a day or two like me and your teeth will shatter LOL but half way through or thereabouts and the softness kicks in comfortably. Iíve not yet tried it on the softest setting as I donít have my car this week but I will do that soon lol. Donít forget 10 years ago compared to now, a lot has been developed in the Suspension industry so things have clearly evolved. Iíve no experience with Koni either, only and only BC but Iím a happy chap. If you need more 1st hand help, just PM P5 UML or NJ 116 on here
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