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Originally Posted by xPETEZx View Post
I guess my reason for thinking the price was very high is how cheaply you can get a map for a d with better results.

Still be interested to hear if anybody with a 325i has done any kind of performance mod
Reason the power of the 'd' can be increased so much more is because it has forced induction - the 325i is normally aspirated. Some 325i owners in the States have done this - though bear in mind their engines aren't the same as ours (indirect injection, not direct). And by the way, the N53 engine has Vanos, but not Valvetronic.

I've found other tuners who, with a software re-map alone will get you about 15bhp at a cost of around 400. So I guess Mosselman's increase of four times that, at less than four time the price is 'fair' value?

But, OP, my conclusion is the same as yours - accept your 325i is a GT car rather than a racer, and enjoy driving it accordingly. And maybe consider a better air filter and performance exhaust to improve the breathing (and the noise!)...
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