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Originally Posted by Eyeman View Post
Looks like most just completed the survey and never came back to this post.

I assume tons are just like me. They heard this sound mainly after they tuned their car. It scared them at first. It was mainly noticeable with cold temps and cold engine temps. It's not changed significantly since first noticed and their car still runs great.

In my case I do plan to go to Vargas or RobBecks when I get the money in a few years but I am not really worried that my overworked turbos are gotten suddenly go out. My 135 has been FBO and tuned and has had the siren noise when cold for 3 yrs or so. No performance loss and I actually barely even notice the siren anymore although I doubt it has gotten better but for sure it hasn't gotten worse.

Funny enough I don't really know why I plan to upgrade my turbos, even with an LSD, anything over 400+whp/tq just spins the heck out of the tires anyways!
Thanks for the comment. In the few months I believe mine has gotten worse.

Here is a video of the car, this is fully warmed up. Car has downpipes.