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Originally Posted by Palmnuts View Post
Woooah there.....hold on just one minute! Theres no money in my account yet As with most of these companies, it takes 4 working days to transfer the funds so am expecting the cash on to show Thursday PM.

I'm not even (maybe naively?) in the slightest bit concerned as I doubt none of the big companies are likely to run off with my car!

Lets hope I'm not sat here in 2 days with no money, no car chance of getting the SLS

Thanks for the reply, you are a braver man than me !

The reason I asked was that since the recent changes to Banking Laws, I assumed the process would go as follows.

Car checked over - offer confirmed - money transfered - drink a couple of coffees - ring your bank - check money is in account - hand over keys - the end.

I regularly transfer money between accounts (UK & Europe), and it takes under two hours, just a regular transfer, not express service. The blurb says, Your funds can take up to 2 hours to appear in your bank account., in fact it can only take a few minutes.

I thought the whole idea of the new laws was to stop the banks holding onto customer's money, earning themselves interest for a few days, before finally transferring to the destination account.

Hope it all happens on time !