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Originally Posted by Class-of-2013 View Post
The tension between the top management on "Sport Cars" is healthy I think. You have a good amount of people on both sides of the coin to keep BMW profitable and heading in a healthy design direction.

It may seem "softness" is creeping into each series, but really it's just product diversification at its finest - more variety to adapt to consumer needs / emotions. We'll still have our "M" cars and potentially an uber "M" car in the near future to challenge at the R8 / F430 level.

The M division will have to make moves that accomodate and reflect the market to a certain extent. They don't want to be Lotus. Will the new M3 have some new luxuries we don't care about? I'm sure. But it will still deliver the Performance we come to expect.

We already know the M3/4 will be lighter and more powerful than the current E9x, and from the looks of the 4 series concept, an amazing design evolution. The outlook is extremely positive for the M3/M4 variants. My only concern is turbo lag in the new 6 cyl. FI engine, M will have to deliver magic in this respect. I've driven a X6M and it has lag without a doubt.
Turbo charging to gain more performance rather the naturally aspirated approach, is a hard reality. I agree as good as the new turbo engines are, there are certain characteristics of these engines (turbo lag and lack of sound) that cannot be over come. Statistically the new M3 or another future M car for that matter will be faster statistically but what of the driving experience?