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[turb0mike] Need Help with Douchey LA Cop!!!

[Story also in Cali section but want bigger audience]

So, long story short...

Pulled out of westwood In'n'out and made a right onto LeConte and then an immediate left onto Broxton. As I was making a right (in my BMW) I saw a Police officer who had stopped another car across the street. At that point in time the lady had just handed him some papers (assuming registration). As I make a right the cop (younger) zipped his head around and gave me a mad-dog look. I didn't think much of it and just head down broxton...

I happen to peek in my review mirror and see him running to his car and making an illegal U-turn. I'm like, o great what the fuck. He follows me down broxton to a stop sign, where I stop and ask my buddy "why the hell is he following me? I already have a fix it ticket for my exhaust, this is ridiculous." I make an immediate right onto Kinross Ave, then wait at a light and turn left on Gayley, where after about 100 yards he puts on his sirens...

At this point I'm like "ok whatever, I will just get my fix it ticket out of my glove box." He comes up saying "put your hands on the wheel. I have my gun unholstered." What? You seriously think I'm going to pull something on you? Common bro. I then proceeded to say that I was just getting my fix it ticket because you most likely pulled me over for my exhaust. He paused and then responded "You rolled the stop sign on Broxton." ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?! Why would I roll a stop sign when a cop is directly behind me...

At this point I'm fuming. He also has the nerve to call in a backup officer who is an old fart. I'm talking shit on the cop (no profanity) when the fat cop comes to my window. He then proceeds to ask me if I do any racing... WTF??? I told him yes, around circuits at certain raceways like Willow Springs & Fontana. Really nice dude.

Anyways, cop comes back and has me sign the citation. I proceed to say to him...

"I saw you had someone pulled over back there and getting their registration. I think it is really messed up you decided to let them go and proceed to run to your car and follow me just to write me a false ticket. That is really messed up."

He responded "Have a nice night"

WHAT THE FACK??!?!?!?!?!?! I'm fighting this bullshit I just need help and advice from you guys. I know that he had a little camera in car because I saw his blinking light. I just think this is total bullshit and I am not taking a hit on my driving record for some young douchey fuck.


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