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Originally Posted by rich123321 View Post
You have to code the closest amps in klasse_batterie under the CAS module. After that open up tool32 I believe and follow the new battery registration like normal. There is a guide around here somewhere
Thank you. You don't happen to know where that guide is, do you?

Originally Posted by Verbatim View Post
What you want to try and find is the reserve rating for the battery.
If this battery is the same one that is sold at autozone (just under a different label), then it is somewhere around 150. If you divide 150 by 2, and add 16 (a formula I found on e90post for converting reserve minutes to amp-hours), then you are left with 91Ah, which is closest to what your car is already coded to.
Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
If its at 91 ah then no need to use NCS to change the amp rating in CAS, Go straight to Tools32.
Is it even possible to find the reserve rating as it's not listed in the specs. There is also an Autozone nearby. If we know their battery is the right fit to not have to do any modifications, should I just go that route?

Here is the autozone one, it's not the same as the CCA is different, it's got 790 CCA and 140 reserve for $164:

or Advanced with 765 CCA and 140 reserve for $166: