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Happened to me too

Hi Guys,

BMW 325i 2006 Sedan, bought 3 yrs ago CPO. Happened to me last night, exactly as everybody's been posting: Highway speed (carpool lane no less, no trucks ahead so don't suggest rocks, it wasnt), sunroof inner lid was closed, all a sudden it sounded like a blast and fireworks as glass scattered and scratched roof and trunk, got off at next exit and found that glass had exploded outwards, jagged edges were pointing up.

Posting the best picture I took of the carnage. That jagged edge you see? It's not loose. It's rigid, and looking at the angle, the entire sunroof BLASTED outwards with some force, then the tempered glass shattered into a million pieces as it was supposed to. I'm sorry, but some heads have to roll for this mess. No rock hit the car, and someone could've been injured inside the car if the sunroof lid was open and/or behind me as this thing exploded and showered everywhere on the freeway.