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Originally Posted by RupertPupkin View Post
I would say 80% of cops are the losers from high school who didnt go to college and want to get back at the cool kids. The other 20% are there because they genuinely want to help others and make the world a better place. Im sick of that shit. If you have the funds available I would fight it to the end, get the dash footage, etc. and make him look like an asshole. The majority of the cops I have dealt with are ignorant pricks on a power trip even when I have done nothing wrong in similar situations to yours. Cannot stand that they have the power to pull bullshit like this. They need to be called out so please fight this and keep us updated.
Take a few ride-alongs with the local PD and see if it changes your mind. Cops unfortunately have to deal with those losers from high school who think they're above the law or just plain stupid and the hotshots with attitudes about 80% of their shift (if they're lucky - it's usually 100%). Walk a mile in their shoes, so to speak, and then form an opinion. If you had to work with the a_hole of society and the bureaucratic BS from the brass every day, week after week, you'll develop a different outlook. May not be right, but it is what it is. Just be glad they're out there doing the stuff that 90% of the civilian population never sees.

That said, I certainly don't condone what's being reported here, but we're only hearing one side of the story. In my experience, everyone who gets stopped is NEVER guilty of ANYthing. He has no idea who he's dealing with, and considering the high possibility that the driver might be armed and dangerous, he's going to be edgy, to say the least. Go to court, let the judge hear your story and that of your passenger, and the officer's version, or meet with the prosecutor to see if you can get deferred adjudication or a lesser fine/points.

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