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Originally Posted by Ferruccio View Post
This is *might* be a good setup, money being no object. Which manufacturers of upgraded fuel pump systems run this kind of platform? How much do those systems cost? Which cars are they used for? Your emphasis of salesmanship vs. data implies to me that you are used to a much higher standard.

I am unaware of other tuners for the 335i being this thorough, outside of, maybe, Dinan and HPF? Their systems are also much more expensive. It's probably a good balance between quality and price. Take a hint from SpaceX. It's cheaper to test a few times and fail than to spend excessive amounts of money ensuring it doesn't.
If such testing has not been done already where has the flow rating of 570lb/hr from the fuel system upgrade quoted in the first post come from??? If such testing has already been done why has it not been desribed to add some credability to the flow numbers published?

Flow testing is nessessary and inexpensive. One inexpensive method a small business like FFTEC might use is their shop car. Install each pump solution in car and measure the flow where the low pressure line feeds the high pressure pump. We're talking a couple hours of work here total.