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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
Its a quality mid range priced amp.
It has the exact number of channels to match Hi Fi(xd 600/6)
It fits in the same area as the OEM Hi Fi amp
It has the right kind of Inputs to be compatible with the
Hi Fi Head Unit . (balanced differential inputs)
If you get good speakers with just the amp its pretty awesome.
If you like old style stereo with Morels and Jehnerts this is
an audiophile level system.

If you get an ms-8 you probably want to add more speakers
and you really need and amp at least for the speakers in the front
of the car.
Most all the people that get ms-8's eventually add an amp to.
The MS-8 only has head unit power.
After saying this there do seem to be a lot of people that really like it
and if has an almost cult following.

Exactly what I was thinking, my thoughts are the MS-8 is more popular for those with the L7 or Hifi system.