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Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
Hey, Palmer, true to form, another day, another new car (and more deposits ).

You're old neighbour (or should I say ex-neighbour), do you think he'd be interested in taking the Zed off my hands?? After 12 months searching my perfect replacement appeared today but fear it's just ever so slightly out of grasp. I'm being offered 16,500 for the Zed but anything over would be appreciated. Let me know and I'll send over details if he's interested (cheapest like-for-like on AT is 19k or on Nissan 20k). Cheers bud.
He might do actually - I'll see him Saturday and see what he says. Another option is that he can advertise it for you and if he sells it, pay him a couple of hundred quid plus his expenses. I did both the Mini and DS3 this way and he got them both sold in two weeks. I'll see what he wants to do. more deposits paid today!?!?
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