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Originally Posted by Blk33zeroxi View Post
Hey gents quick question for you guys. I believe I have an issue with my fuel pump so I called the dealer. My car has over 50k miles so its past the factory warranty but the service rep said that the HPFP is under warranty for 10ys/100k miles. My only question is that since i have mods will they still honor it? The service rep said it depends on the mods and if they arent a direct reason for the failure, current performance mods are:
- charge pipe
-catback exhaust

I do recall reading a post on here that said no matter what mods the dealer say honor the warranty is this true... i would love as much insight as you guys can provide before I go to the dealer

also anyone have any idea how much this is cost if done by an indy shop?
-thank you
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