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Guys - first post here. I am thinking of buying a 2009 E90 335i xDrive with about 55K miles on it. I looked at the Davis report of the car and seems like it has had multiple HDP issues. Here is a list:
1) Dec 2010 - 29K miles - N54 programming HDP, B 13 09 10 (@ dealer for 2 days)
2) Feb 2011 - 30K miles - High pressure pump HDP permanent failure (@ dealer for 9 days)
3) Mar 2011 - 33K miles - N54 HDP, B13 13 10 (@ dealer for 2 days)
4) May 2011 - 36K miles - Oil level / oil condition sensor (T\NS / QLT) permanent failure (@ dealer for 4 days)

Now, once the car got out of warranty apparently it went back for service (no repairs done) and the diagnosis was "ROCKER COVER CRACKED" Defect code: 11120001ER.

Any ideas what is a rocker cover and if it is related to the HDP issue? Is this car worth buying? I noticed when I went to check out the car, the guy couldnt crank the car for more than 10 seconds. When I asked him if there is an issue, he said something that I cant remember.

Any help will be duly appreciated. I am looking at another 335i (higher price) but no such record. Need to make a decision by tomorrow - thanks everyone!