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Originally Posted by Julesandtrish View Post
I don't know if it makes me feel better, but I'm more so curious as to if this helps. I love my diesel. A lot. I just want to make sure it lasts as long as possible since it seems that most people who drive a modern diesel vehicle (less than 5 years old) complains about the low lubricity of US diesel fuel. Go figure.
Sorry J&t, I'm just catching this. As an FYI, XPD contains a demulsifier which is typically not recommended for a vehicle without a dedicated water separator. The demulsification will allow water to fall out of the fuel mixture and could therefore cause more of a problem than if it were dispersed throughout the fuel if you get a slug of water I your lines.

You are not wrong to use whatever you like, and for all I know you've installed a secondary filtration setup, but this was my personal reason for not using XPD in my in modified fuel system.

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