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Originally Posted by Kalidian View Post
Nice, congrats on your new car. I hope it becomes a little more than just your "winter beater" though lol. Gotta have some mad scratch to be able to semi-impulse buy a 335 as a "winter car" haha I wonder what your summer car is O.o.
Thanks buddy. I love all my cars and love cars in general so I would never call any car a beater regardless of what car it is, I plan to enjoy my time with the 335i without thinking of it as just a beater.

Originally Posted by CarbonTT View Post
Awesome... Congrats... I daily drive mine (winter included) and have a summer car for other occasions.. welcome to the club
Nice! Thanks for the welcome.

Originally Posted by abhishriv View Post
Lol nice! Congrats! Out of curiosity if a 335i is your winter car... What the other ones you drive during summer?
Who cares about the other ones lol, I'd rather just focus on the 335i on these forums. They are nice cars, but I'd rather just avoid the whole E-Penor measuring drama you know what I mean?

Originally Posted by project335i View Post
Welcome dude hopefully we see you around the meets during the Summer. I assume after a ride in your friends car and by your screen name you will be modding it.......hopefully
Most definitely dude I'm actually in a hurry and very anxious to start modding it, but I mean I did no research or anything before buying the car so I know nothing about the car yet. I'm actually excited to mess with it so I plan to put it on the road by this weekend and hopefully have all my mods ordered by the end of the week.

I don't have that much time to scour the forums for the best mods, but I'll definitely do my due dilligence.

You think you guys will be able to help critique my mods since I'm a total newb with the 335i or will I get that "SEARCH" treatment lol?

Originally Posted by pepep View Post
Congrats & welcome!
Thank you my friend.