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Originally Posted by Verbatim View Post
What you want to try and find is the reserve rating for the battery.
If this battery is the same one that is sold at autozone (just under a different label), then it is somewhere around 150. If you divide 150 by 2, and add 16 (a formula I found on e90post for converting reserve minutes to amp-hours), then you are left with 91Ah, which is closest to what your car is already coded to.
Actually, I'm not sure this process is accurate.. My OEM appears to be 160 and 90Ah. 160/2+16 = 96, not 90? Will either of those batteries with 140 require adjustment in the settings?

Originally Posted by George Ab View Post
Open up Toolset 32 (located in EDIABAS/BIN folder):

1. Open MSD80.prg
2. Look up steuern_batterietausch_registri. (near bottom of job list)
3. Go to Jobs menu
4. Select Start Job Only Once

Look in the Results window for the line JOB_STATUS = OKAY

Can also perform in EasyDIS. After I completed Registration using Toolset 32, I verified with EasyDIS that Registration was completed.

Also, if Toolset 32 comes up in German you can go to configuration tab, toolset, and select English.
Yup, this process is in the thread I linked to, just trying to figure out the specific process for non-OEM with different specs. Thanks for the tip on English language.